A Shredder.

A Shredder.

But not just any shredder. One that will shred cardboard into the size of, well, very tiny, like one quarter of a small apple stem.


3 thoughts on “A Shredder.

  1. Good lord where did you find a shredder that actually worked on cardboard and didn’t cost a fortune? I’d love to get my hands on one of those!

  2. That is in deed a glorious shredder. I use just a basic office max 12 page cross cut shredder that works great. I do slice the cardboard into 1 to two inch wide strips before feeding it in though, to prevent it from bogging down, but this method is still far superior to the hand tearing or scissor cutting methods in both effort and time. I also purchased the 10 dollar accidental damage replacement warranty for just in case I “accidentally” burn out the motor. I have shredded over 15 giant trash bags of cardboard and a few of newspaper and the think still works like new.

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